Maggix is building a new Trading platform for Crypto and FIAT currencies, emphasizing simple and intuitive User experience and brings new standards in the fintech industry – company is based in London and will launch its services early 2019

Our Tasks

Prototype Studio was hired to design UX and UI for Maggix trading platform- a multi platform application providing easy and elegant design. We also  designed company brand identity and websites.


-Brand Identity
-User Experience Specification and design
-User Interface design
-Mobile Application design
-Illustrations and visualisations
-Graphic Style guides and Graphic QA

Mobile Trading app and Wallets

Stylish and functional mobile trading platform and electronic wallets for buying, selling, sending and receiving multiple currencies

brand identity & style guide

Brand Identity research, logo drafts for the “Maggix” Brand and style guide example.

Maggix browser based trading platform

Maggix dashboard, simple and intuitive trading platform enabling trade in more than 30 cryptocurrencies,
simple management of currency portfolios and wallet systems

Maggix landing page design

colorful and elegant one pager landing page design






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